Media List Details

Press releases are sent directly to the journalists and media outlets that cover the topic of each press release. Highly targeting press releases to the relevant journalists and media outlets ensures the best results. You will receive a report of who received your press release once it has been fully distributed.

Our media list contains 459,498 journalists and 122,532 media outlets worldwide. This includes all major newspapers, magazines, trade journals, technical journals, TV and cable TV networks, radio stations, wire services, online news sites, blogs, news aggregators and social media.


Newspapers: 36,408 Newspapers Worldwide. SEE NEWSPAPER LIST

Magazines: 27,939 Magazines Worldwide. SEE MAGAZINE LIST

Trade and Technical Journals: 26,602 Journals Worldwide. SEE TRADE JOURNAL LIST


TV and Cable TV: 7,728 TV Outlets Worldwide. SEE TV LIST

Radio Stations: 17,896 Radio Stations Worldwide. SEE RADIO STATION LIST


Online Only News Sites: Magazines, newspapers, radio, trade journals, TV and wire services also have online versions of their news. The other types of media with online news sites are included in the other lists and not included on the list of “Online Only News Sites”. 14,634 Online News Outlets Worldwide. SEE ONLINE ONLY MEDIA LIST

Wire Services: 1,859 Wire Services Worldwide. SEE WIRE SERVICES LIST