AC Alert for January 7, 2012 ‘Sandy’ Overshadows Growing Concern on US Drought

The people living in the Sandy-ravaged Northeastern US states won’t believe it for one second, but almost two-thirds of the continental USA is suffering from drought or near drought conditions. A lack of rainfall over the past year has left lakes and rivers dry, and government officials and farmers perplexed as to what comes next. The drought conditions haven’t grabbed the headlines — understandably so in light of Sandy’s severity and the proximity of major media to the storm –but neither can they be ignored.

Here’s a sample of what’s happening in the heart of our nation: “Drought continued to expand through many key farming states within the central United States in the past week, as scattered rainfall failed to replenish parched soils. Drought conditions were most pervasive in the Plains states…

The situation is getting worse rather than getting better. The pressures of over-population, climate change and increased use per capita are all causing water stresses, although unevenly, throughout the globe.

Current impacted areas in the US include the Midwest and Southeastern regions. Perhaps because we are entering winter, and in the aftermath of Sandy, the attention of the mainstream media has been focused elsewhere. However this crisis cannot be ignored.

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