Perfekt Earth Introduces Soil Enhancing Solution Design to Revitalize Gardens and Farms from the Ground Up

Perfekt Earth’s mission of replenishing and restoring top soil began with Dr. M. Andrew Johnson, whose research led him to create a supplement rich in the natural minerals and nutrients plants receive from healthy soil. Healthy soil means healthier produce, which in turn leads to healthier people and animals. It is a connection that is the inspiration for every bottle of Perfekt Earth.

“In order to live the healthiest lives possible, we must return to the soil what it has lost in order to benefit from its essential nutrients,” explains Perfekt Earth’s Cathy Miller. “We are proud of our product’s ability to bring balance back to the earth’s soil, and of the healthier and better tasting produce Perfekt Earth is helping to produce every day.”

Working toward a healthier global community and helping to eradicate the problem of world hunger are the ultimate goals for those at Perfekt Earth. To that end, the company plans to expand its support and avocation for human causes moving forward. In the meantime, Perfekt Earth continues to promote healthier living at home through the use of its soil enhancing formula.