Carbone Smolan Agency Debuts Identity Design for Greenmarket Co., a New Initiative From GrowNYC, Operators of the Greenmarket Farmers Market

“When we launched our wholesale distribution line of farm-fresh food, we knew we needed a memorable identity that would let us compete in the business world and speak to high-end restaurants and caterers, as well as supermarkets, corner grocers and food access programs,” said Marcel Van Ooyen, Executive Director of GrowNYC. “The identity CSA designed captures the grassroots nature of the Greenmarkets, and at the same time, evokes a professional feel.”

The goal for the identity design and coordinated campaign was to help bring local food to a wider audience by connecting GrowNYC and its network of farmers to restaurants, bodegas and grocery store owners; and to differentiate Greenmarket Co. produce in stores in high-need areas.

“The Greenmarket is an iconic New York institution, with 54 markets and counting in all five boroughs. It was our goal to leverage the Greenmarket name and design a logomark and cohesive identity that gives GrowNYC the flexibility to speak to a wide audience, from business owners to consumers,” said Ken Carbone, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director of CSA.

CSA developed the Greenmarket Co. naming strategy, and tagline, “Mission Driven Food.” The identity evokes the patchwork of farmlands as seen from the air, and simultaneously reflects the vitality of a farmer’s market. CSA extended the identity to include a seasonally inspired color palette and three additional versions of the logo to reflect spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In addition to the identity, CSA created Greenmarket Co.’s coordinated in-store point of purchase campaign, “Fresh Is In New York City,” to fulfill GrowNYC’s goal of ensuring that nutritious, local produce is available to consumer in neighborhoods with limited access to fresh produce. The signage was designed with a system of flexible graphic elements — high impact colors, custom-designed brand pattern artwork, logotype, and the friendly and straightforward Gotham typeface — and customizable messaging elements — “Fresh Is In Brownsville” or “Fresh Is In East Harlem” — to allow GrowNYC to easily update the signs and their communication materials, and develop a unique identity for the program to increase consumer awareness.

“We acknowledged early on that our target audience is anyone who eats,” says Van Ooyen. “CSA did a great job creating an identity and communications system that lets us speak clearly and concisely to New York’s food distributors and consumers alike.”