Cunning Blue-Fox Outsmarts False Alarms, Announces SecuroTech Systems Ltd

The world’s first truly effective outdoor alarm has arrived. Security technology innovator SecuroTech Systems today announced the launch of Blue-Fox, a revolutionary new external alarm system that puts an end to false alerts.

Blue-Fox is designed to provide dependable external security for buildings and roofing, farms and plant, fuel and oil depots, business and commercial premises together with domestic market. Blue-Fox virtually eliminates false alarms representing a major breakthrough in accuracy and reliability. The system’s patent-pending CPU and dual detectors are able to identify and disregard activity by birds, animals under 70cm tall, swaying trees and other weather conditions. Customer satisfaction is assured by a money-back guarantee offered by SecuroTech.

When a genuine intrusion is detected, Blue-Fox can send alerts by SMS text message or telephone, either to the property owner or to a security monitoring centre. The system can also be set to trigger a recorded warning, switch on CCTV or any electrical devices.