From Farm to Condo

Farmigo connects local farms with groups such as workplaces, schools and community centers for custom delivery subscriptions direct to a convenient community location.

“The Internet has been collapsing supply chains and rewriting conventional business models for nearly two decades, but until now it has had limited impact on the food industry, which is ripe for change,” explains Benzi Ronen, Farmigo’s founder and CEO. “There has never been a better time to disrupt the status quo, and Farmigo is poised to fundamentally change the way food is purchased and distributed.”

The first food communities are now rolling out in San Francisco and New York, with Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago and Philadelphia soon to follow. Meanwhile, New York-based Farmigo seeks out individuals who want to help bring Farmigo to their own workplace, school or community center. Sustainability-minded entrepreneurs: one to partner with or emulate in your part of the world?