Aspen”s Legendary J-Bar to Stock Possmann Pure Cider as its Exclusive Hard Cider

Possmann Pure Cider was selected in a recent taste testing by the hotel and bar’s food and beverage management team.

“Our food and beverage team, and some other employees of the Hotel Jerome, tasted more than a half dozen ciders and we felt that Possmann Pure Cider had the cleanest flavor and the most refreshing finish of all the ciders we tried,” said Dan Fehr, director of food and beverage at the Hotel Jerome. “This represents the first time that we’ve ever offered a hard cider at the J-Bar.”

Made by Kelterei Possmann in Frankfurt, Germany, Possmann Pure Cider offers the perfect balance of rich, but not too sweet apple flavor that finishes dry with a pleasant apple aftertaste. The flavor comes from Possmann’s unique source of apples, which it harvests from more than 800 farmers in the Hessen region of Germany. The alcoholic beverage (alcohol content of 5.5%) is packaged in four packs of 12-fl. oz. clear bottles to showcase the pure, golden, sparkling flavor. The product is imported into the United States by Possmann North America, based in St. Paul, Minn., and is marketed and sold throughout the United States (currently available in 16 states) and Canada.

“We consider our selection by the world-famous J-Bar as an incredible honor,” said Todd Hoekstra, president of Possmann North America Inc. “As a snowboarding enthusiast who frequents Colorado ski country, the pure, refreshing, clean taste of a Possmann Pure Cider is a perfect fit with the healthy, active lifestyle offered by Aspen and other Rocky Mountain communities.”