Research and Markets: Research Report on Chinas Corn Seed Industry 2012

Corn is the food crop with the largest amount of planted area in China. The planted area of corn was about 33.43 million hectares, which needed about 1.15 billion kg of seed, with the market size of about 18 billion Yuan in 2011. And the corn planted area is expected to reach 34.67 million hectares in 2012. Huge demand for seed drives the development of the corn seed industry, and the competition in the corn seed market becomes increasingly fierce.

This report provides a comprehensive and detailed description of the present status of China’s corn seed market, and gives a professional forecasting analysis on the post-development direction of China’s corn seed market.

The main content of report on China’s corn seed industry includes:

1. Analysis of China’s corn seed industry development policies.

2. Analysis of China’s corn planting: distribution of planting areas, planting profits, corn mechanization production, as well as the analysis of the main uses of China’s corn.

3. Analysis of China’s corn key planting areas: mainly including the corn planting of the key provinces, major planting varieties and the demand for seed, the major corn seed enterprises and the major corn planting counties in key provinces.

4. Analysis of China’s major corn seed production bases: an overview of corn seed production base in Northwest, Northeast, North China, in-depth analysis of the corn seed production bases in Gansu province, the corn seed production area, yield, the main varieties of Gansu etc.

5. The promotion of the major corn varieties in main provinces.

6. The production and sales of major corn varieties of China’s key corn seed production enterprises.

Chapter I Overview of China’s Corn Seed Industry Development

Chapter II Analysis of China’s Corn Market

Chapter III Analysis of China’s Corn Seed Market by Region

Chapter IV China’s Corn Seed Production

Chapter V China’s Corn Varieties and Provincial Promotion

Chapter VI Analysis on China’s Corn Seed Export and Import

Chapter VII Major Enterprises

– Shandong Denghai Seeds Co., Ltd.

– Hefei Fengle Seed Co., Ltd.

– Beijing Doneed Seeds Co., Ltd.

– Yuan Long Ping High-Tech Agriculture CO., Ltd.

– Gansu Dunhuang Seed Co., Ltd.

– Beijing Jinse Nonghua Seed Technology Co., Ltd.

– China National Seed Co., Ltd.

– Liaoning East Asia Seed Co., Ltd.

– Henan Qiule Seed Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

– Origin Agritech Limited

– Shanxi Tunyu Seed Co., Ltd.

– Henan Goldoctor Seeds Co., Ltd.

– Sanbei Seed

– Liaoning Zhouyu Seed Co., Ltd.

– Chia Tai Agriculture