Research and Markets: Offshore Wind Sector – Can France Keep Up with the Pace?

The French government has set a target of achieving 23% of its power generation from renewable sources. The 2020 power generation target from wind is 25 Gigawatts (GW), which includes 6 GW from offshore wind energy. To meet these requirements, the government decided to auction the basins for offshore wind power generation in two phases of 3 GW each. The first phase of the auction was launched in 2011 and 2 GW of wind farms were awarded, with the low number due to a lack of competition. In September 2012, tenders were called again for the remaining 1 GW of the first phase, and the successful developer could be announced in 2013. To meet the required offshore wind targets in France by 2020, the government may have to simplify the authorization procedures. It can announce a third call for tenders for the second phase, which is 3 GW in the first half of 2013.

– Overview of power sector in France

– French reliance on Nuclear energy

– Review and prospectus of offshore wind sector in France

– Major players in offshore wind sector in France

– Possible hurdles which will make it a difficult task for France to achieve offshore wind targets

This view point attempts –

– To show scenario of power sector in France,

– It also gives details of the auctioning of offshore wind basins around France.

– Lets the reader know the constraints in French offshore industry.

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3 Offshore Wind Sector – Can France Keep Up with the Pace?

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3.2 Key Constraints in the French Offshore Industry

3.3 Capacity of Offshore Wind that can be Achieved by 2020

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