Furtaker Seasons Highlighted by Bobcat and Fisher Seasons; Game Commission Offers Local Furbearer Information; Game Commission Offers Trapping Tips and Briefs

“In order to continue to assess interest, participation, effort and harvest, we believe it prudent to retain a permitting process. However, we believe that we can offer an unlimited number of permits to allow each furtaker and combination license holder the opportunity to harvest one bobcat in the specified WMUs.”

The creation of a limited, one-week fisher season, which was part of the Game Commission’s initial plans when it reintroduced fishers back in the 1990s, is consistent with the agency’s longstanding goal mission of promoting and providing hunting and trapping opportunities.

“Through this limited season, we will gather additional biological samples for demographic and genetic analyses,” Roe said. “Mandatory reporting, along with fisher permits, is needed to better assess participation, effort and harvest for this new season.”

The 2009 Game-Take and Furtaker Surveys estimated that fur-takers took 112,550 raccoons (142,808 in 2008); 63,998 muskrats (74,059); 37,418 red foxes (44,745); 37,270 opossums (54,273); 30,386 coyotes (23,699); 13,793 gray foxes (20,845); 8,314 skunks (12,331); and 7,261 mink (8,632).

Each year, Pennsylvania Game Commission field officers and foresters develop game and furbearer forecasts for the areas they work to share with interested hunters and trappers. Observations of local furbearers are always a part of this annual offering.

Other trapping tips offered by the Game Commission include:

SOURCE Pennsylvania Game Commission