Toyota Names 2010 Environmental Grant Recipients

Toyota City, Japan, Oct 15, 2010 – (ACN Newswire) – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) names today 18 projects that are to receive grants under the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program for 20101. Since its start in 2000, the program has provided support to 193 projects in 46 countries.

The program was launched in commemoration of TMC’s receipt of the Global 500 Award2 in 1999 from the United Nations Environment Programme. Under an “Environmental Technology and Human Resource Development Contributing to Environment Revitalization and Conservation” theme, the program has supported projects conducted by NPOs and other non-profit private groups.

This year’s program focused on global warming and biodiversity conservation and accepted applications for projects both in Japan and overseas. During the May application period, the program received 85 applications.

The selection process consisted of an initial screening and a review by an expert selection committee chaired by Dr. Keiko Nakamura, director general of the JT Biohistory Research Hall. The committee reviewed applications according to criteria including appropriateness of the project, continuity and future development, and the degree to which the project suits regional characteristics, and selected a total of 18 projects in Japan and overseas. Six overseas projects, including the “Green Corridor Project to connect the isolated habitats of wild chimpanzees by planting trees”, and 12 projects in Japan, including the “On-site biodiversity conservation workshop and training for conservation planners”, will receive grants.

A ceremony will be held on December 2 at Amlux Tokyo, TMC’s multi-level car-display and event space in Tokyo, where representatives of the selected projects will be presented grant certificates.

Information regarding grant program activities will be presented through pamphlets handed out during the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity to be held at various venues in Nagoya starting on October 18, panel displays at the Toyota booth at Messe Nagoya 20103, and exhibits by organizations that have received grants under the program in the past.

2010 Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program Recipients

I. Overseas

— Biodiversity Conservation

1. Green Corridor Project to connect the isolated habitats of wild chimpanzees by planting trees. Green Corridor, Guinea.

2. Environmental education, tree planting and agriculture training for sustainable development in northern Thailand. OISCA, Thailand.

3. Project for forest conservation through revitalizing traditional forest products in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Japan Environmental Education Forum, Indonesia.

4. Japan-China cooperative project for creating a “nature school” on Chongming Island, Shanghai. General Incorporated Association ‘Toki-no-hane (feather of Japanese crested ibis)’, China.

5. The prevention of deforestation at important forest area in Mangatarem, Province of Pangasinan, Luzon Island, the Philippines. BirdLife Asia, The Philippines.

— Global Warming

6. Reforestation of water catchment area with tropical alpine trees and environment conservation by the grass root water users. CORE: Community Road Empowerment, Kenya.

II. Japan

— Biodiversity Conservation

7. On-site biodiversity conservation workshop and training for conservation planners. The Nature Conservation Society of Japan

8. Conservation Volunteer Programme “Green Holiday”. Wild Bird Society of Japan

9. Biodiversity and citizen environment monitoring project to protect rural rivers and forests. Groundwork Mishima

10. Creating forest to develop wildlife by planting acorn trees. NPO Donguri-Mongori

11. Maruyama Village ‘People and Satoyama Project’. LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) Maruyama Project

12. The conservation of biodiversity in Satochi-Satoyama areas by activation of rural living and natural reproduction. Kyouzonnomori Network (Network for Coexistence with Nature)

13. Trial evaluation of environmental protection carried out at Afan Woodland (satoyama). The C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust

14. Training people to look after Taketomi Island. NPO Takidhun

15. “Komoro-Suginami” meet & matching project. Komonami Club

16. Biodiversity projects that families with pre-school children can undertake. General Incorporated Association Yushin

17. The development and propagation of practical environmental programs which use familiar hometown mountains with cooperative enterprises. The Environmental NPO “SHU”

18. Education program for keeping grassland, using Miscanthus paper in Aso, Japan. Kyushu Biomass Forum

Further information on the grant program can be obtained from Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program Secretariat.- Email: tmc-ecogrant(at) Web:

(1) Unless otherwise noted, years mentioned are from April 1 to March 31.(2) Presented by the United Nations Environment Programme to recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations in protecting and improving the environment. In 1999, TMC became the first Japanese corporation to receive the award in recognition of its various achievements in environmental protection and improvement (such as being the first company in the world to mass-produce and sell hybrid vehicles) and its various corporate social contribution activities.(3) A cross-industry trade fair for promoting business-to-business exchange. This year’s fair will be held at Port Messe Nagoya, Kinjo Pier, Nagoya Port from October 27 to 30.

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