Innovotechs Biofilm Test Shows Significant Differences in Antibiotic Choices for Cystic Fibrosis Patients Compared to Conventional Testing

Drs. Valerie Waters and Yvonne Yau of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto will be presenting the results in a poster at The 24th Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Baltimore, October 21st to October 23rd. The poster provides an update on the randomized double blind controlled clinical trial currently underway, the purpose of which is to determine if the use of the bioFILM PA test leads to improved CF patient outcomes.

“To date, physicians have based much of their treatment for Cystic Fibrosis lung infections on a combination of conventional susceptibility testing and educated guesses,” said Ken Boutilier, President and CEO of Innovotech Inc. “It is our understanding from speaking with physicians that there are many occasions when conventional testing indicates that the bacteria is resistant to all available antibiotics. The bioFILM PA test has provided results which question the validity of current methods and may ultimately lead to differences in patient outcomes.”

Innovotech’s team will be in attendance at the conference. Please visit booth 718 for more information regarding bioFILM PA or contact Innovotech directly.

bioFILM PA is the world’s first biofilm susceptibility test, designed to assist physicians in the selection of the most effective combination antibiotic treatment of patients with PA infections, such as those that occur in patients with CF. Biofilms are known to be present in CF lung infections, and are up to 1000 times more difficult to treat than non-biofilm infections. According to the National Institute of Health, 80% of all human infections are biofilm-related. PA infections are also common in patients with hospital-acquired infections such as ventilator-associated pneumonia and those found in patients with burns and wounds.

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disease affecting predominantly children and young adults and is one of the most recognized biofilm diseases. CF patients are prone to frequent lung infections that are often fatal.

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About Innovotech Inc.:

Innovotech Inc. is a pioneer in the field of biofilm product development, focused on providing innovative and practical solutions to medical, agricultural and industrial problems caused by microbial biofilms. Biofilms are responsible for a host of diseases both in human health and agriculture due to their inherent resistance to existing antibiotics and disinfectants. There are currently no antibiotics, disinfectants, diagnostics or regulatory standards designed specifically for biofilm-forming organisms.

Innovotech currently has two products in advanced stages of development: bioFILM PA, the first diagnostic test to assist physicians in the selection of the most effective combination antibiotic treatment of patients with biofilm-based chronic lung infections and Agress a unique, environmentally friendly seed treatment and plant spray designed to protect crops against both bacterial and fungal infections.

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