WatchGuard Sets New Standards for Firewalls with Application Control

“The explosion of new applications entering business networks creates havoc for administrators who need to protect business assets while simultaneously need to support agile and efficient work environments,” said Tim Helming, Director of Product Management at WatchGuard Technologies. “For example, many organizations today may want to allow use of Facebook, but not sub-applications, such as Mafia Wars, FarmVille, or Facebook Chat. With WatchGuard Application Control, businesses gain a better handle on reducing risks right down to individual employees and the myriad applications that they bring into their networks.”

With WatchGuard Application Control, administrators can select which applications to control from 13 major categories. For example, within the instant messaging category, administrators can manage popular IM applications, such as QQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and more. Other categories include: Mail (HotMail, Gmail), Social Media (Facebook, MySpace), Peer-to-Peer (Gnutella, Bittorrent), Remote Access Terminals (TeamViewer, GoToMyPC), Databases (MS SQL), File Transfer (Megaupload), VoIP (Skype), Streaming Media (YouTube, Hulu), Network Management (MS Update) and Tunnel Applications used to bypass firewalls (Ultrasurf, Avoidr).

“Having the ability to monitor, manage and control which applications go through our network is a tremendous advantage,” said Jason Omens, IT Manager at BuzzBee Company, a strategic marketing firm. “With WatchGuard Application Control, BuzzBee employees can utilize the latest Web 2.0 apps in a way that is productive and highly secure without risking our network to new forms of attacks or malware.”

WatchGuard Application Control will be available with the next WatchGuard XTM OS update, WatchGuard XTM 11.4. In addition to Application Control, WatchGuard XTM 11.4 also comes packed with a variety of new enhancements for better security, system performance and ease of use.

A more powerful and efficient IPS/IDS engine will give businesses even greater protection against hackers and unwanted intruders, and new authentication enhancements will empower administrators better than ever before to construct, enforce, monitor and report on security policies that are organized by users and groups rather than by IP subnets, hosts, host ranges, or network zones.

Ever improving on ease of use and system management, WatchGuard will provide administrators with a new configuration history and roll-back feature, which makes management of multi-box environments with multiple configurations even easier, and new e-mail notification of ready reports, as well as logging enhancements, all make system management easier and more comprehensive.

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