Noble Provides Project 81 Carbon Sequestration Update

The regulatory filings made with respect to Project 81 have classified the Property as hosting a “Degraded Forest” with poor age class distribution of timber resources.

Current Forest Inventory Estimate of Harvestable Volume (m3) of Project 81:

Source: Forest Management Plan prepared and filed for the Property in 2002.

The number of carbon credits available would be based on the difference between the amount of carbon dioxide currently sequestered on the Property and the amount of carbon dioxide that would be sequestered on the Property in 20 years. Mikro-Tek has used the FMP and other recent timber inventory data on the Property to project an estimate of the carbon sequestration potential of the Property.

Harvestable Volume for a good site class (achieved by twenty years’ growth):

A copy of Mikro-Tek’s report to Noble is available on the Company’s website.

Project 81 is Noble’s 100% privately owned 60,701 hectares (149,000 acres) forested land package. This land package is one of the largest freehold land packages in the province, if not the country, and Noble has retained all mineral rights.

Project 81 is the Company’s flagship project of patented and staked land packages and is divided into two blocks. The patented properties include surface, mineral and timber rights, and host a significant timber resource plus a number of zones that have hosted historical exploration identifying nickel and gold mineralization (these sample results are historical and non 43-101 compliant) from work carried out in the 1960s and 1970s. These results have been confirmed by recent assay results from the current, ongoing drill program.

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SOURCE Noble Mineral Exploration Inc.