Engine USA Announces Acquisition of Deep Focus

Martin Puris, Chief Executive Officer of Engine USA said, “Deep Focus is the first and in some ways the most critical step in a journey that will, over time, bring together a number of exceptional partners representing all the disciplines necessary to market effectively in the new world.

“A new world calls for new solutions. Our objective is ambitious; nothing short of creating a radically new, collaborative environment, free of ancient baggage and earn-out based financial models that stifle innovation, preclude collaboration and remain stubbornly unresponsive to the needs of clients in a confusing new environment.”

“In an increasingly complex, fragmented and globalized media world, our ‘best in class under one roof’ model brings together a full suite of marketing and communications disciplines to work together more effectively and efficiently for our clients. We expect the acquisition of Deep Focus to be the precursor to further acquisitions as we recreate this highly successful Engine model outside our home market of the UK.”

Deep Focus was founded in 2002 to bring brands closer to people and people closer to each other. Their engagement and innovation-led approach has redefined the way brands are marketed online. Deep Focus’ clients include Microsoft, Nintendo, Diageo, AMC, Weight Watchers, Bulgari, The Museum of Modern Art, Samsung and ESPN, among many others, and are known for such memorable recent efforts as “Mad Men Yourself” (AMC) and the first brand integration into Zynga’s FarmVille (Bing).