Dragonhyde(R) Hoof Bath Concentrate by Hydromer, Inc. Announced as a 2011 World Ag Expo Top Ten New Product

“Our new Dragonhyde Hoof Bath Concentrate is a hygienic wash designed to promote healthy hoof hygiene in the dairy cow. Dragonhyde HBC’s unique qualities allow it to penetrate into the cracks of the hoof, helping the product to remain on the hoof under common environmental pressures,” stated Megan DeRose, T-HEXX North American Product Manager. “It contains no heavy metals such as Copper Sulfate nor is it carcinogenic like formalin, which are the two primary products used on dairy farms today. We will be showcasing Dragonhyde HBC at the New Product Center of the 2011 World Ag Expo along with the other Top Ten winners. We will also be at our regular booth introducing Dragonhyde Putty, a topical product for use during hoof trimming. Look for us there.”

The World Ag Expo is the world’s largest annual agriculture exposition currently celebrating 44 years of innovative agriculture. It is held every February in Tulare, California with over 1,600 exhibitors displaying cutting-edge agricultural technology and equipment on 2.6 million square feet of show grounds. Approximately 100,000 visitors from over 60 countries attend the three day expo annually.