SCHMIDT Technology Corp. Launches the New PressControl 70 with SafetyModule

The PRC70 with SafetyModule is the next generation of press controls to address the growing need for preventive safety action in the market place. The drastic increase in potential costs due to lawsuits, workers compensation issues as well as lost man hours can decimate any company. This has lead SCHMIDT to continue to invest in creating the world’s safest press controls. The PressControl 70 with SafetyModule offers technology that eliminates the need for other costly operator safety provisions. This unique control package comes with a 4 year warranty free of charge.

With over 400 highly qualified employees working for the company worldwide, SCHMIDT Technology stands for stability and continuity in all its fields of business. Descending from a rich tradition of Black Forest watchmaking art and the keen sense of precision of the people living here, SCHMIDT Technology has developed into a technology leader recognized worldwide. What began around 70 years ago with the innovative development of technically refined writing instruments has evolved into a company with three different divisions:

The success speaks for itself: Today products and services from SCHMIDT Technology are exported to over 80 countries worldwide. The safety and quality of SCHMIDT Technology products make them unique on the global market.