TEMIS, the Leader in Text Mining Celebrates its 10th Birthday and Continues to Expand

TEMIS’ Journey

In 2000, an international team of six researchers, consultants andexecutives from IBM who had previously brought to market the IBM first everText Mining product left Big Blue to create their own venture dedicated toText Mining. TEMIS, acronym for “TExt Mining Solutions”, was then created.

In 2003, TEMIS acquired the Xerox’s business unit dedicated to linguisticsoftware solutions. Thanks to this acquisition, TEMIS ensured itstechnological independence and leadership by integrating XeLDA(R), a powerfulmultilingual engine for text analysis, while also strengthening itsdevelopment team with a unique group of experts in computational linguistics.

In 2006, TEMIS merged its range of technologies into a single solution.TEMIS launched Luxid(R), a fully integrated software platform for collecting,analyzing, discovering and sharing strategic information.

Today, Luxid(R) 5.2 is a robust, scalable and highly customizableproduct. Featuring multiple connectors and based on the open standard UIMA(Unstructured Information Management Architecture), it can be seamlesslyintegrated into all architectures. With its ever-growing library of SkillCartridges(R), Luxid(R) offers increasingly relevant analytics that easilyadapt to any type of content, business domain and discovery scenario.

A Changing Market

The market for unstructured data analysis has long been composed of aboutten companies worldwide. The market underwent heavy consolidation starting in2006, as several TEMIS competitors were acquired by software or publishinggiants: Lexiquest by SPSS (then merged into IBM), Clearforest by ThomsonReuters, Inxight by Business Objects (then merged into SAP), Teragram by SAS,and more recently NStein by Opentext. As a combined result of thisrestructuring and its strong organic growth, TEMIS powered through and hasnow become the first Independent Software Vendor of Text Analytics.

Diversification as a deliberate strategy

TEMIS has always wished to stay focused on its core goal: knowledgeextraction and information discovery from large sets of documents. Ratherthan dedicating itself to a single market or application, TEMIS is the firstcompany to have successfully adapted its solutions to tackle diverse businessneeds (market intelligence, research and innovation, opinion mining, voice ofcustomer) and to the specificities of several industries (homeland security,life sciences, enterprise, publishing).

10 Years of Sustained Development

A Privileged Relationship with each Client

TEMIS maintains close relationships with each and every customer of itsprestigious list.


“In order to improve the relevance of our platform, we decided early inthe process to base our architecture on Text Mining technologies. Since 2006,we have been collaborating fruitfully with TEMIS. Their solutions havefulfilled our expectations and their teams have been fully involved in ourvarious projects. “

Publishing and Media

“We have used software solutions from TEMIS for a variety of both largeand small projects over the past four years. Although their softwareofferings continue to be excellent, it is their first class technical staffthat makes TEMIS standout in an increasingly crowded field.”


“We had a strong need to enrich scientific and patent data with semanticannotations to speed up evaluation of project-related information. We havebeen using Luxid(R) since 2008 and developed a fruitful partnership withTEMIS. “

Winner of the GFII’s software innovation prize iExpo in 2009 and of theSIIA’s CODiE Award for the best solution for Business Intelligence andKnowledge Management in 2010, named a trend setting product of the year in2009 and again in 2010 by KMWorld, TEMIS continues to innovate and lead themarket by teaming up with the best partners and investing in new areas(specific extractions, sentiment analysis, Arabic language analysis, SaaS…).


TEMIS is the leading provider of Text Analytics software solutions forthe Enterprise. Its cutting-edge solution Luxid(R) addresses the needs oflife sciences, enterprise, publishing and homeland security. Its powerfulinformation intelligence capabilities power strategic corporate activitiessuch as competitive intelligence, scientific discovery, opinion mining, voiceof the customer and content publishing. Luxid(R) turns unstructured data intoactionable knowledge, enabling advanced content analysis and strategicinformation discovery.