U.S. General Services Administration Taps Verizon Business for Cloud Computing Services

The company will provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings via a cloud computing platform that will help fundamentally change the way the U.S. government delivers IT services. Verizon Business also will help agencies meet virtualization and data center consolidation requirements.

Under the new award from the GSA, government customers will be able to implement on-demand computing via virtual server farms that consist of virtual and physical servers, storage services, backup services, and application support services. By converging computing and networking resources, Verizon can manage — in real time — the capacity, security, performance and availability of infrastructure and applications for the agencies served.

“With the cloud, government agencies can gain considerable flexibility in how they consume IT resources while achieving better economies, greater agility and broader access to information. Evolving federal requirements are in lock-step with our strategy to deliver everything-as-a-service,” Zeleniak said.

Verizon Business is a leading provider of communications services to the U.S. federal government and one of the largest providers of advanced communications and information technology services globally.

SOURCE Verizon Business