TPAC Revises Judgement on MTCS

It has become clear from information provided by the civil societyorganizations in question, and in particular from recently published auditreports, that those Orang Asli rights are not recognized and therefore notalways respected in MTCS-certified forests. Because these audit reports werepublished only very recently, TPAC was only able to take this informationinto account during the objection procedure.

Another weakness of the MTCS is the conversion of certified naturalforest to other forms of land use, such as rubber plantations andinfrastructure development. TPAC has already called attention to thisconversion problem before. In TPAC’s view, the MTCS in its current formoffers insufficient protection against this conversion. To ensure effectiveprotection, forest areas that have been converted or that are scheduled forconversion must be placed outside the certified Forest Management Unit (FMU),and there must be a clear and effective cap on conversion.


The former Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and theEnvironment has commissioned the Timber Procurement Assessment Committee(TPAC) to assess whether certification systems for timber meet theprocurement criteria in the context of the Dutch sustainable procurementpolicy.

SOURCE Stichting Milieukeur – SMK