Brocade and Blue Coat Develop Industry”s First Proactive Network Health Monitoring for Carrier Caching

TelstraClear is a recent example of how a joint Brocade and Blue Coat customer has implemented an integrated application delivery and optimization solution. Using a Blue Coat cache farm and Brocade application delivery controllers, TelstraClear has significantly improved the scalability and efficiency of its ISP services, delivering to its customers faster browsing times and reducing consumption of international bandwidth.

Many of the world’s largest carriers have successfully optimized and secured application delivery as a result of the long standing technology alliance between Brocade and Blue Coat. The companies’ significant investment in joint development to create a fully interoperable solution set with Brocade ServerIron application delivery switches and Blue Coat Caching appliances helps service providers worldwide reduce infrastructure costs by controlling bandwidth consumption through a scalable and redundant architecture.

“Proactive health monitoring is essential as Web caching becomes an increasingly critical component of a carrier’s infrastructure,” said Darrell Long, vice president and general manager, CacheFlow Business Unit, Blue Coat Systems. “With the industry’s first integrated switching and caching solution for health monitoring, we can raise the level of reliability and scalability available to carriers, help deliver an improved web user experience and significantly reduce bandwidth consumption.”

“The joint development between Brocade and Blue Coat represents a significant leap forward in how core Web infrastructure, such as switching and caching, is managed,” said Bob Braham, vice president of Integrated Marketing for Brocade. “Building on our long-standing partnership, we created a joint solution that enables service providers to maximize their network application efficiency, reduce infrastructure costs and proactively address spikes in network traffic patterns, while protecting customers’ investments for future scalability and growth.”