Research and Markets: Insurance Agencies in the US: Industry Includes About 135,000 Establishments, Including Marsh, Aon and State Farm with Annual Revenue of About $110 Billion

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Executive Summary

Brief Excerpt from Industry Overview Chapter:

The US insurance agencies and brokerages industry includes about 135,000 establishments (single-location companies and branches of multi-location companies) with annual revenue of about $110 billion. Large companies include Marsh, Aon, Arthur J Gallagher, and State Farm. Despite the prominence of large companies in the commercial segment, the industry remains highly fragmented: the largest 50 firms only hold 20 percent of the total market. Many companies that primarily offer insurance products to businesses function mainly as brokers. Captive agencies operate as a sales agent for a single insurer, working on its behalf; independent brokers sell products from several providers.

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Demand is related to consumer income and commercial business activity. When the economy grows, so does the demand for personal and business insurance. When the economy contracts, as it did in the late 2000s, demand for insurance falls.

The profitability of individual agencies depends on effective marketing, client referrals, and customer service. Large agencies have advantages in name recognition, connections with more insurers, and the ability to craft more complex insurance packages. Although small agencies formerly competed by specializing in a specific product line, they are increasingly diversifying to build business.

Source: First Research