IIEA Views EPA E-15 Ruling for 2007 and Newer Vehicles as “Good Start” but Cites Abundant Data Demonstrating Alcohol Fuel is Safe and Clean in Older Vehicles

According to the IIEA, aside from the immediate environmental benefits of reducing hydrocarbon and other notable airborne particulates, increasing the market demand for alcohol fuel consumption will enable states to keep millions of fuel dollars in their local economies. Additionally, encouraging localized alcohol fuel and related co-product production would stimulate the creation of tens of thousands of direct and indirect non-exportable alcohol fuel related jobs.

“America has the ability to lead the global movement to truly renewable energy independence and to stop the use of toxic and finite fossil fuels and the consequences of its related pollution,” Blume continued. “By producing and increasing the market opportunities for alcohol fuel, the U.S. would have true homeland security in the form of abundant food, fuel, energy and jobs available now and well into our future.”

David Blume takes the EPA to task for failing America’s farmers and public as well as its mission of mandating for clean air.

David Blume uses Daryl Hannah’s ’79 Pontiac Trans Am to prove that e15 is safe and cleaner for older as well as newer vehicles.