Alcoa Foundation Marks 10.10.10 with Surprise Community Grants

People around the world are finding interesting ways to celebrate 10.10.10. Many couples chose this date to get married. Alcoa Foundation saw it as a fun opportunity to give back – surprising 10 charities in 10 communities around the world with $10,000.

The Alcoa Foundation “Give 10” is part of Alcoa’s annual Month of Service, a global volunteering event that this year will mobilize more than 23,000 employees to make a positive impact in their communities, giving 6,000 service hours through 700 service events throughout October.

The “Give 10” will take place on Sunday, October 10, in 10 Alcoa communities around the world, from Tennessee where we’ve operated for almost 100 years, to our newest center of operations in Iceland, and everywhere in between – Russia, Brazil, Switzerland and Canada.

The funding will be awarded by Alcoa executives to 10 diverse recipient charities addressing the most pressing social and environmental priorities in the communities where Alcoa operates – hunger and homelessness, HIV prevention, safety, and environmental sustainability.

“The ‘Give 10’ Project was conceived to further strengthen the work of our thousands of employee volunteers, who are this month transforming their communities – planting trees, improving child literacy, serving meals and repairing community facilities,” said Alcoa Foundation President Paula Davis.

“Our people are passionate about giving back where they live and work, and we are thrilled to be able to further support their work with these 10 special gifts to 10 very deserving charities, and make an even greater difference in the lives of who need it most.”

Alcoa Foundation is committed to strengthening community sustainability in the communities where Alcoa operates, with $515 million granted to address priority local challenges since 1952. The work of Alcoa Foundation is further enhanced by Alcoa’s thousands of employee volunteers, who in 2009 gave 650,000 service hours to improve their neighborhoods, the equivalent of 325 people working full-time for a year.

Bob Wilt, President, US Global Primary Products, will grant $10,000 to the Chelan Douglas Land Trust after Alcoa volunteers spend the day cleaning up the natural surrounds of HorseLake Trailhead viewpoint. The funding will help the Land Trust improve wildlife habitat, eradicate invasive species and build a culture of conservation in North Central Washington. Alcoa Foundation has worked with the Land Trust since 2007.

Alcoa Foundation will grant $10,000 to help green the City of Maryville at the Foothills Fall Festival. At this all aluminum event, Alcoa volunteers will help educate the community about the environmental benefits of recycling and manage the recycling areas.

Alcoa Howmet will grant $10,000 to the Friends of Muketawa Trail to help create 26 linear miles of a multi-county trail system constructed in an abandon railroad bed.Alcoa volunteers have supported the group for the past eight years, working to improve community sustainability and local amenities.

Craig Brown, Vice President, Global Aerospace Customers and Marketing, Alcoa Fastening Systems, will grant $10,000 to the Blind Children’s Center in Fullerton, California, after working with Alcoa volunteers to improve facilities at the Center through painting and repairs. The Center teaches the blind and visually impaired Braille and other important life skills.

Frank Feder, President, Alcoa Latin America, will grant $10,000 to the AssociaAo dos Pequenos Produtores Rurais (Association of Small Farmers), which has been supported by Alcoa volunteers in Brazil since 2007. The organization promotes the economic and social development of small farmers in the region surrounding Alcoa’s Sao Luis operations.

Alcoa Samara will grant $10,000 to the Clinical Hospital for War Veterans of the Samara Region, which provides medical services to veterans in Samara. Alcoa Russia works with veterans organizations in both Samara and Belaya Kalitva, where the company has operations, providing both financial support and volunteer time to improve the lives of retired servicemen and women.

Marcos Ramos, President, Alcoa Europe, will grant $10,000 to the Arsol Rescue Squad in Iceland, after volunteering alongside Alcoa Volunteers to improve the Squad’s facilities, making the operation safer and more efficient. Alcoa employees give 300-400 hours a year at this organization,training rescue dogs to save people after avalanches or earthquakes and helping with search efforts.

Pierre Morin, President, Alcoa Canada, will grant $10,000 to the Quebec Society of Disabled Children, which provides respite to families of disabled children. The funding will support the installation of lifts and other necessary infrastructure and equipment to ensure the safety of young residents. Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation have supported the facility since 2008, with both funding and volunteer time.

Alcoa Russia will grant $10,000 to the Samara Foundation for Social Development Time to Live, an organization dedicated to HIV prevention among young people through awareness and educational outreach. The organization is a member of AIDS Action Europe.

Ingrid Muhlbock, President, European Mill Products, will grant $10,000 to the Jardin de Montbrillant soup kitchen, after spending the day with Alcoa Geneva volunteers providing meals to those in need. Alcoa volunteers have supported the soup kitchen for a number of years, serving lunches to the city’s disadvantaged from the center of Geneva.