GE Oil & Gas Awarded $32M Equipment Contract by PlusPetrol Peru

GE Oil & Gas has been awarded a $32 million contract by PlusPetrol Peru Corporation S.A. to supply compression and reinjection upgrade equipment to boost the output of the Malvinas Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) processing plant, located 400 kilometers from Lima at the southern section of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

Under the contract, GE will upgrade two existing GE Frame-5C Dry Low Nox (DLN) gas turbine modules with Frame-5D DLN technology to reduce emissions and Extendor kit technology to reduce outages and extend the life cycle of the equipment. In addition, three existing Frame-5D DLN modules will be upgraded with Extendor kits.

Jeff Nagel, vice president-global services for GE Oil & Gas said: “The Malvinas NGL plant is vital to meeting demand for gas in Peru and other areas. The award of this important PlusPetrol contract strengthens our relationship as a reliable supplier and consolidates our expanding role in the Latin America NGL sector.”

The equipment was manufactured in Florence, Italy, and shipped to Peru in March 2010. With the use of trucks prohibited in the environmentally sensitive region, GE overcame the logistical challenge of ‘on-time’ delivery by taking advantage of seasonal swelling of the Amazon and Urubamba Rivers to transport the two 60-tonne modules to the Malvinas plant.

GE is aggressively expanding its presence across Latin America’s oil and gas sector, with more than 1,000 gas turbines and compressors installed throughout the region. In addition, the company has inspected more than 50,000 kilometers of oil, gas, water and refined product pipelines in Latin America.