Chuao Chocolatier Officially Launches Limited-Edition Origins Chocolate Bar Featuring Rare Cacao from Chuao, Venezuela

Chuao Chocolatier, an award-winning chocolate company renowned for its culinary-inspired chocolate confections, today announced the official nationwide launch of its limited-edition Origins Chocolate Bar. Featuring premium dark chocolate made with cacao from the legendary region of Chuao, Venezuela, Origins delights with 77 percent cacao content and low sugar, with no extra ingredients such as vanilla and soy lecithin. Chuao Chocolatier originally debuted Origins in 2009 exclusively for Dean & Deluca stores.

Chuao Chocolatier Limited-Edition Origins Chocolate Bar (Photo: Business Wire)

“Cacao has been an important part of our family since the 1900s when our ancestors owned Aguasanta, a small Criollo farm in Venezuela,” said Master Chef Michael Antonorsi, co-founder of Chuao Chocolatier and native of Venezuela. “Origins has a special place in my heart because it embodies everything I love about chocolate-the source, the heritage and the quality.”

Made solely from cacao mass and very little sugar, the Origins Chocolate Bar offers a glimpse into the ancestral essence of Chuao-considered to be the best cacao in the world. With 77 percent cacao content, Origins has a pure, yet complex profile of dark red fruit and a smooth textural finish providing a perfect chocolate experience.

According to Antonorsi, Origins arouses the senses as soon as the bar is unwrapped unveiling aromas of dried wild flowers and earthly, fibrous jute. And after the first bite, flavors of tobacco and roasted coffee melt on the center of the tongue. As the chocolate further dissolves, an acidity becomes apparent as the sides of the tongue begin to salivate. Slowly, the presence of fruit notes, such as bing cherry, raisin and mission fig begin to take center stage. The experience finishes with a soft, yet lingering bitterness and a hint of malt aromas. To Antonorsi, Origins is considered the True Taste of Chocolate(TM).