Groupon Launches in Albany

“With its abundant art galleries, museums, recreation and dining, Groupon is sure to thrive in Albany,” said Rob Solomon, president and chief operating officer of Groupon. “We look forward to offering customers unbeatable deals on their favorite things to do, while providing new revenue streams for local businesses.”

Using the principles of collective buying, Groupon negotiates unprecedented discounts with popular businesses. Groupon subscribers get free daily emails alerting them to the deals. The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people agree to buy, encouraging subscribers to share the promotion with family and friends. By guaranteeing a large number of new customers, Groupon has created a powerful new marketing vehicle for local merchants. This innovative approach to e-commerce has brought millions of dollars in new revenue to local businesses while saving more than $570 million for subscribers across North America.

“Groupon brings buyers and sellers together in a fun and collaborative way,” said Solomon. “We offer the consumer a great deal they can’t get anywhere else and deliver the sales directly to the merchant.”

Recent featured deals in Albany included a vegan bakery and tickets to a family farm. Upcoming deals include Italian cuisine and a hair salon. Albany joins New York City, Rochester, Buffalo and Long Island as markets in New York that enjoy daily Groupon deals.