The Buck Stops Here. GameStop Launches Original Mobile Game, Buck and the Coin of Destiny

In this side-scrolling adventure produced by GameStop, join Buck the Bunny in his quest to find fame, fortune and of course, the magical Coin of Destiny. Collect coins through randomly generated levels including forests, caverns and the ever-popular fleet of pirate ships as you double jump your way to the ultimate coin.

In both story and arcade modes, you will encounter coin bonuses, health boosts and invincibility power-ups that transform Buck into a knight, pirate and more allowing you to smash through your enemies. Story mode features animated cut scenes, while arcade mode boasts never-ending versions of the levels that challenge you to set the highest scores and unlock achievements, which you can share on global leader-boards. Buck’s adventure won’t end there, as more levels, enemies and unique power-ups are coming soon.