CORRECTING and REPLACING Roche Bros. Supermarkets Moves from the Checkout Line to the Fastlane with New Online Shopping Tools

Please replace the release with the following corrected version due to multiple revisions.

The corrected release reads:

Roche Bros. and Sudbury Farms Supermarkets, with 18 stores in the Greater Boston market and Cape Cod, has launched several new web-based tools and technologies to help shoppers be more efficient, save money and shop smarter. Major improvements to, the store’s online shopping site, an updated customer website with new features, and a real-time iPhone APP, offering in-the-palm-of-your-hand shopping efficiency, are all part of Roche Bros.’ customer-centric focus.

“All these improvements to our online website and the launch of our iPhone APP are meant to make the customer’s life, and their shopping experience, easier,” said Rick Roche, second-generation owner and CEO of Roche Bros. Supermarkets. “Our customers have always expected quality, service and value from us, and giving them new ways to manage their busy lives and to let them know we value their time, is always one of our goals.” Arthur Ackles, Director of Marketing for Roche Bros., echoes that sentiment. “We’re proud to be leading the way in the use of new technology to make grocery shopping easier and more efficient. Our customers have grown to expect that from us.”