SRS Labs Honored as One of America”s Greatest Brands

“While working relentlessly to strengthen and grow our portfolio of patented audio solutions, we’ve been actively engaged in interacting directly with consumers and further expanding our brand’s mindshare and relevance within the Consumer Electronics and Audio/Video markets in the past couple of years,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing for SRS Labs. “As an affirmation of our success and continued marketing efforts, we are thrilled to be honored as one of America’s greatest brands and particularly proud that our brand is the only ingredient brand in the audio space ever recognized by this prestigious publication.”

Published annually by SuperBrands LTD., an international independent authority and arbiter on branding, the 2010 edition of America’s Greatest Brands matters most because it directly pays homage to corporate brands across America that have positively and significantly differentiated themselves from those with whom they compete. Those honored as America’s Greatest Brands, including SRS Labs, are painstakingly reviewed, researched and approved by the American Brands Council. The Council consists of a distinguished group of independent advertising, marketing and communication professionals.

As an honored 2010 brand, SRS Labs has joined an elite class of past-honored brands including: ABC, Coca Cola, Chevron, Energizer, Ford, IBM, Memorex, National Football League, The New York Times, Nikon, Sony, State Farm, Whirlpool and Xerox to name just a few.

In order to be included within this exclusive annual publication, a specific set of criteria and benchmarks must be met, including:

Meeting or exceeding standards set forth by the American Brands Council in all of the criteria above, SRS Labs was selected for inclusion in the 2010 America’s Greatest Brands as the only ingredient brand in audio throughout the entire history of the publication, further establishing SRS’ position as the de facto audio standard within the consumer electronic market. Millions of HDTVs, PCs, mobile phones and automobiles proudly featured one or more SRS audio solutions in 2010, while nearly 2-billion products have shipped to date since SRS’ inception as an independent company in 1993.

The 2010 Edition of America’s Greatest Brands, featuring SRS Labs, will be available for purchase at major book resellers across the United States beginning in November 2010 as a 100+ page, 14″x10″ hardbound book.