RDS Selects SOVO for Live and Offline Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired

“The SOVO team has been historically involved with RDS in numerous projects including closed captioning of live hockey and football events, as well as services for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics broadcast”, said Robert Turcotte, VP of Programming, Interactive Media and Business Development at RDS. “When came time to select a provider to extend our closed captioning coverage, SOVO’s expertise in live sporting events, its commitment to high quality, and its turnkey approach made the choice very easy.”

With access to unique technology based on automatic speech recognition and visual identification, SOVO has an unparalleled capability to deliver closed captions rapidly, reliably, consistently and with great cost effectiveness. The company uses this proprietary technology to provide an easy-to-use service to broadcasters and producers of visual media.

“With production cycles ever shortening, as well as high pressures on costs and capital budgets, broadcasters are now looking more and more at outsourcing the production of closed captions to specialized and efficient organizations like SOVO”, said Serge Forest, President and CEO of SOVO. “We are thrilled to assist RDS in meeting their accessibility objectives, while preserving their capital and their operational focus on other pressing matters. We are also very pleased that RDS shares with us a commitment to quality, which enables us to work toward setting the standard for live closed captioning of sporting events.”

Recent studies find that one person out of ten in North America is suffering from hearing difficulties, and that this proportion is growing. Closed captioning of visual media is now becoming an obligation in many countries around the world.

SOVO is a premium provider of closed captioning and audio description services, which make visual media accessible to everyone, all the time. With access to unique proprietary technology based on speech recognition and visual detection, SOVO can deliver accessible visual media more rapidly, efficiently and consistently than other organizations. The company provides services for all sorts of live and offline content to top broadcasters, producers and studios.