Availability of Long Term Wood Supplies Validate Revonergys Investment Strategy

A report issued by the North American Wood Fibre Review (NAWFR) has identified stable and long term wood supplies in the United States and Canada, particularly in the Southern United States. This region is on top of the list as a long term supply source of Biomass.

“Revonergy considers that woody biomass will form an ever increasing component of our energy needs. It grows fast, absorbs large amounts of carbon during growth and yields far more energy that crops such as corn, and also without the negative effect of increasing food costs” said Ravi Daswani, CEO of Revonergy Inc.

“The United States has proven to be responsible in forestry husbandry, with logging companies typically required to plant more trees than they harvest. This practise ensure that the supply of biomass continues for years.”

“Wood sourced fuels, we believe, are significantly underutilized and Revonergy considers its investments into the U.S. wood waste to energy industry as a positive contribution to the environment and the economy. Unlike water, solar or wind sourced power that do not offer a constant and reliable output of power, wood waste fuelled power plants offer a highly reliable industrial solution that can compete with the more traditional forms of energy such as Coal.” added Ravi Daswani, CEO of Revonergy Inc.

About Revonergy Inc.

Revonergy Inc. is engaged in the acquisition, development and operation of renewable energy power plants globally. The Company is focused on renewable energy projects that have the potential to generate long-term stable cash flows and renewable energy credits.

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