New Website Gives Canadians Guidance on How to Buy Regionally

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — (Marketwire) — 11/21/12 — Today, the U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) U.S. Embassy – Ottawa, through its food and beverage alliance, tasteUS!, launched a new website that focuses on providing Canadians with information they need on top quality U.S.-grown food and the over 40 cooperators whose products are found in grocery stores across the country.

“Our tasteUS! website is a great tool for Canadians in helping them understand the agricultural goods imported from the U.S. that are available to them. We’re promoting a ‘buy regionally’ approach that can bring down grocery costs – especially in the winter months when Canadian produce is scarcer,” says Scott Reynolds, Minister-Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, Foreign Agricultural Service- United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

“Our cooperators are committed to providing high-quality and high-value products to Canadians,” says Reynolds. “We all think about what we’re bringing into our homes and it’s comforting to know you can depend on your friends to the south for healthy foods at good value.”

The site is rounded out with interesting nutritional facts, a listing of consumer and trade events, as well as delicious recipes that feature tasteUS! cooperator goods. These recipes are good meal suggestions for various situations – from inspired appetizers to the quick-to-prepare dinners to kid-friendly desserts. They are also connected to social media platforms, so users can share their favourites on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The FAS developed the easy-to-navigate to encourage Canadians to not only learn more about U.S. agricultural commodities, but also to highlight the various events taking place, and the cooperator farms – many of which are generational, family-owned businesses.

In addition to focusing on consumers, the tasteUS! website is a destination for the trade. Through the site, commodity brokers and buyers will have the ability to access cooperator websites from one place, but also easily link to the USDA trade lead system or reach out to the FAS team located at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa to find out more about exploring importation options.

“Canada is the United States’ largest trade partner, and one of our goals is to cultivate important relationships on both sides of the border,” says Reynolds. “It’s important for those in the Canadian trade to understand the U.S. cooperators and for us to facilitate conversations between the two. The tasteUS! website provides us with another vital touch point.”