Software Architects Indeed Have Dream Job, X by 2s Ahmed Says

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI — (Marketwire) — 10/25/10 — The ultimate dream job: rock star, NBA player, surgeon? No way.

“It’s addictive,” he says.

The thrill comes from solving complex puzzles with technology, people and business pieces. Ahmed analyzes many possibilities, coming up with solutions that have real impact for clients.

Software architects, who design the blueprints for software systems and bridge the gap between business and IT professionals, need to see both the forest and the trees.

“You need to be a problem solver first and foremost,” Ahmed says. “It’s an engineering discipline. You need childlike curiosity — the personality of one who wants to tinker, to make something out of nothing. But you have to deal with people too. The best architects have a balanced combination of technical and interpersonal skills.”

His advancement was accelerated as a result of the diversity of client experiences at the consultancy — a diversity that’s often missing from the typical IT environment, he says.

Software architects work at two levels. At the application level, they’re concerned with a discrete solution, while at the enterprise level, they work to create a technology architecture for the entire organization. Ahmed works on both types of projects.

“I’ve always thought I have the best job in America,” Ahmed says, “and my colleagues here feel the same way.”