Kava found to Rejuvenate and Detoxify

Kava should be taken in sufficient amounts as it imparts a tingling feeling in the mouth and typically it is consumed at dusk at cultural ceremonies and get together among friends to relax and enjoy. People tend to eat small amounts of food after this drink as overeating may induce nausea. It is also an excellent analgesic that is superior to aspirin and a first rate sedative that produces a state of calmness and also induces sleep. The kava lactones ease one’s mind. It is available in many forms like kava kava extracts, kava kava pills, kava kava tinctures and natural kava powder. A lot of products like kava strainer bag, Coconut shell kava cup and Premium Fiji kava are available in kava stores and even in Kulea Farm Company.

The roots of the plant are ground, crushed or chewed in powdered form. It has medicinal benefits for women as it is very useful to relieve them of menstrual cramps and uncomfortable symptoms during menopause. It also aids in relieving back pain, headache and is an excellent muscle relaxant. The part of the plant above the ground is not useful as it has lot of toxins in it but the kava root extract is used to induce sleep and also to treat leukemia. It also sets a person free from depression and mood disorders.

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