Research and Markets: Global Fertilizers Industry To Reach an Estimated $193.82 Billion in 2017 with A CAGR Of 5.4%

The global fertilizer industry experienced robust growth during the last five years(2006-2011) and is expected to reach an estimated $193.82 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 5.4% over the next five years (2012-2017). Demand for basic food crops, fruit, vegetables, animal products, and biofuels is likely to remain strong over the forecast period, driving the increased fertilizer usage to support higher levels of production.

The fertilizers industry is highly fragmented and is dependent upon crop yield, farmer awareness, and availability of credit. Competitive rivalry is high due to inability of companies to differentiate their products, switching cost is low, and fixed costs are high. APAC dominates the industry. Lucintel’s research indicates that research and development costs continue to rise due to the increasing regulatory burden, complexity of the products, and individual sales of various segments of fertilizers heavily depend on climatic conditions and crop variance. The global population growth and the importance of a nutritious diet are expected to drive the growth of the world fertilizer consumption.

This study provides an overview of the global fertilizer industry, tracking three market segments of that industry in four geographic regions. Thus, a total of 12 segments of the global fertilizer industry are tracked. The report studies manufacturers of potash, phosphorous fertilizer, nitrogenous fertilizer, providing a five-year (2006-2011) annual trend analysis that highlights market size, profit and cost structure for North America, Europe, APAC, and ROW. The report also provides a forecast, addressing market opportunities for next five years (2012-2017) for each of these regions.