Research and Markets: Russia: Rabbit Market. Analysis and Forecast to 2017

The purpose of this marketing research is to describe the situation on the Russian market of rabbits, to present actual information about the volumes of production, export, import, consumption, and state of the market, and also the changes that took place in 2010, as well as to build a forecast for the development of the industry in the medium term for the period until 2017.

The Russian rabbit meat market was in decline until 2008, when there was a sharp increase in domestic production. In 2009-2010, the market grew both through domestic production and by importing from foreign countries. The growth of Russian production exceeded import growth. Among the leading producing regions were the Federal Districts, the Urals Federal District and the Volga Federal District. Imports of rabbit meat in 2010 were supplied mainly by China and Hungary.

– Analysis and forecast of the market dynamics

– Structure of consumption by Federal Regions

– Analysis of the domestic production and the market shares of the main market participants

– Analysis of the imports and exports

– Analysis of the factors that influence the development of the market

– Analysis of the state of the raw materials’ base

– Analysis of sales and consumer preferences

– Analysis of the forecast of the consuming industries

– Evaluation and forecast of the development of the market

– Financially-economic profiles of the leading enterprises in the industry

– Interviews with top managers, representatives of the largest players on the market

– Audit of the retail trade

– Analysis of documents, coming from the main market participants

– Analysis of statistical information: The Federal Service of Government Statistics Rosstat , Federal Customs Service VED, Ministry of the Economic Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Tax Service, Industry associations

The report will allow you to:

– Identify the major market indicators, build a forecast of the development of your own business on the basis of the state of the market

– Evaluate the growth potential and market threats