Company Profile for Erie Biogas Cogeneration & Organics Processing Inc

Erie Biogas Cogeneration & Organics Processing Inc. is a renewable green energy company. The company’s current project involves re-purposing a 6,000,000 gallon tank farm as a Renewable Energy Cogeneration and Source Segregated (Green Bin) Organics Processing facility. This project will reduce CO2 emissions, reduce organics sent to landfill, and produce superior quality compost. The existing infrastructure, tanks and facilities lend themselves to anaerobic digestion and will substantially reduce the cost to initiate operations. Revenue will be generated from compost sales, electricity and steam sales, and tipping fees. The site is located near Delhi, Ontario, serving communities between London and Toronto.

Erie Biogas Cogeneration & Organics Processing Inc is a subsidiary of Trade 360 Corporation – a leader in integrated creative industrial and environmental project strategies, implementation and solutions globally.

Patrick Forbes