Forest Stewardship Councils Greenbuild Booth Earns Project Certification from SCS Global Services; A ‘Walk in the Woods’ Links Responsible Forest Management and Green Building

As exemplified by the booth, FSC project certification is a category of certification reserved for one-off projects that incorporate FSC-certified wood into their construction. To achieve “Full Project” certification, a project manager must ensure that at least half of the wood used is sourced from FSC-certified responsibly managed sources or from verified “post-consumer reclaimed” sources. All remaining wood must be derived from FSC Controlled Wood or from other verified reclaimed sources.

The booth also showcased a wide range of products made with FSC-certified materials, including the world’s first bicycle built with FSC-certified wood, World Centric paper cups, the Hunger Games book series printed on FSC-certified paper, and a baseball bat manufactured by Combat Sports Group. The product display demonstrated to conference attendees that wood products are not only a key component of green buildings, but also of daily life.

SOURCE SCS Global Services