Rangemaster gives ten hot pointers to the benefits of induction cooking

And the well-established Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, company has published a list of the 10 reasons why this is so.

1. Induction produces instant heat, meaning that no energy is wasted, and thanks to a magnetic reaction, your pans and their contents heat up exceptionally quickly

2. You can quickly find out which pans are suitable for induction cooking by putting a magnet close to their bases. If it is attracted, then the pans can be used

3. Induction is as responsive as gas, meaning you can precisely control the temperature your food is cooked at

4. Induction hobs are really safe for households with children. Only after exceptionally long cooking periods will the hob become too hot to touch. . In addition, most induction hobs’ controls are protected by a child lock

5. Only the pan is heated, not the hob top, so spillages won’t burn onto its surface during use, making cleaning exceptionally easy.

6. About 95% of the heat generated by an induction hob reaches the pan, compared with around 55% on a gas hob, making cooking hugely more efficient

7. Induction cooking is highly energy-efficient, using just 40% of the energy of a comparable ceramic or gas hob

8. Sensors built into the rings automatically turn off the hob when the pan is removed, helping save energy and boost safety

9. Induction is great for low-temperature and slow cooking yet, thanks to the ‘boost’ function on many range cookers, many foods can be cooked in very little time

10. While an induction cooker won’t offer the ‘real flame’ experience of gas, you can always buy a barbecue and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Holly Johnson, Marketing Manager for Rangemaster said: “When you want a perfect mix of the traditional farmhouse kitchen look, and the benefits of instant, controllable heat, there’s nothing better on the market than a range cooker, with its induction cooking method.

“It’s a combination of benefits that no other type of cooker can match.”

To see the latest models offered by Rangemaster, visit rangemaster.co.uk.