December Issue of The Canadian Business Journal Now Online

This edition focuses on technology and several mobile enterprises that are becoming major players in the business world. Our cover story is an exclusive interview with Siemens Canada CEO Robert Hardt. We also talk exclusively with QuickMobile CEO Patrick Payne and some of the A-list clients he’s managed to procure in a short period of time, including the likes of Accenture, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Goodyear.

The first six months of having Hunter Harrison take over the role as CEO at CP Rail is already paying big dividends and you can read about it in this edition. Harrison has a five-year plan before riding off into the sunset, presumably for the final time. We also hear from Banro Foundation Chairman Martin Jones on Banro Corporation’s corporate social responsibility in the Congo, where the mining company is not only drilling for resources, but also enriching the lives of locals in that country.

You’ll also want to read columnist Roy Green’s shocking revelations about the Canadian military and the maximum allowable worth of a Canadian military veteran’s estate and Melonie Dodaro provides excellent on advice on the three most valuable social media customers for your business. There’s all that and much more in this edition of CBJ.

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