OriginOil”s Breakthrough Algae-to-Oil Technology Featured Nationally on CNN

In the interview, OriginOil CEO Riggs Eckelberry explained that algae is a third generation biofuel feedstock. First generation biofuel was based on food crops such as corn and sugarcane. Second generation, such as cellulosic ethanol, is not based on food crops but still uses lots of land and water. The third generation doesn’t need farmland, can use dirty water, is not a food crop, grows very fast, and loves CO2. Eckelberry concluded by saying that algae is the prime candidate for what we need in this country for biofuels.

In response to the CNN televised broadcast, Eckelberry said, “We are thrilled that a premiere and influential international medium like CNN has chosen to feature OriginOil and underscore the promise of algae as an alternative to petroleum. We are extremely happy to have worked with Ms. Harlow to educate CNN’s viewers on algae as the most promising third generation biofuel.”

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