Sebastian and the Spider King: Thrilling New Novel for Children Tells How One Boy Comes Face-to-Face with Rainforest Creature

Sebastian’s father, Isaiah, is an archaeologist. One day he receives a call from a colleague who has just uncovered a tomb deep in the Venezuelan rainforest. Isaiah accepts an invitation to join him and asks Sebastian to come along.

Thrilled to be going, Sebastian is disappointed when he comes down with chickenpox. He watches his father depart while he remains at home with his beloved cats. His mother brings him some books to occupy him and hidden in one of the texts are excerpts from old diary entries that warn of an imminent danger in the same caves his father is to explore.

When they arrive, they are greeted by a Spanish guide, Ramiro, and a little boy, Rojo, from a local village. The unlikely team trudges deeper into the rainforest in search of Isaiah in hopes of reaching him before he arrives at the tomb. Sebastian is forced to confront several of his fears, which he bravely overcomes for the sake of his father. The group also comes across a few difficulties in this beautiful, but sometimes hostile, part of the world.

In an exciting ending, Sebastian meets the foretold secret of the tomb — a beast that resides in the labyrinth of caves. When a battle between them is imminent, Sebastian must make a quick decision that leaves young readers breathless.

A creative novel set in one of the most mysterious places on Earth, “Sebastian and the Spider King” is a wonderful page-turner for children.

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