Aegis Lightwave Acquires AOFR

“AOFR is recognized as a stellar brand of fiber-optic couplers in a broad range of markets,” said Jeffrey Farmer, President and CEO, Aegis Lightwave. “This acquisition will enable Aegis to address new, exciting and fast growing markets. It will also enable both companies to offer a broader range of high quality products and service to our combined set of customers.”

Aegis Lightwave and AOFR will combine their global sales and marketing channels to leverage each company’s strength in their respective key accounts enabling the companies to provide expanded world-class service and products to customers.

“We stand to greatly benefit from the synergies with Aegis and will continue our focus and strong customer relationships within the fiber-optic communications market,” said Peter Jacob, Managing Director, AOFR. “We also expect that the combination of our base technologies and expertise will broaden our product base into the fast growing fiber amplifier and fiber laser market.”

AOFR was established in 1984 to develop and commercialize fiber-optic component technology and has developed and sold fused fiber devices since 1988. During this period, AOFR developed unique and highly automated workstations for manufacturing fused biconic taper (FBT) couplers, wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs), laser combiners and fiber Bragg gratings (FBG). AOFR’s superior design and packaging of fused fiber components has made AOFR one of the leading suppliers of high-quality high-reliability fiber-optic components to worldwide markets for over two decades.

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