Spacenet Satellite and Hybrid Network Supports Retail Applications and Business Continuity at 500 Cumberland Farms Stores and Gas Stations

Spacenet is deploying an innovative hybrid VSAT and DSL/Cable/EV-DO network that provides optimized support for Cumberland Farms’ expanding retail applications. Satellite networks combined with wireline services provide cost-effective redundant communications and a diverse network path to protect against network downtime. Spacenet is upgrading Cumberland Farms’ existing VSAT network to the industry-leading SkyEdge VSAT platform for faster speeds and advanced functionality. The network supports improved performance for web-based and back-office applications including credit/debit card authorization, POS polling, HR software and inventory tracking.

“Cumberland Farms is committed to providing our customers value, convenience and unparalleled service through our network of retail stores, gas stations, and distribution operations,” said Cumberland Farms VP of Information Technology John Carroll. “Having a reliable and efficient network infrastructure is critical for enabling us to achieve these goals. The upgraded satellite and hybrid network provides a simplified single platform solution, faster speeds for web-based applications, automatic and reliable network backup, and near 99.9% network availability, ultimately helping us better serve our customers at each location.”

“We’re very excited to work with Cumberland Farms for their extended business relationship and their critical communications network,” said Spacenet President and COO Glenn Katz. “An increasing number of our customers are utilizing satellite and hybrid networks to provide a more simplified solution for supporting expanding business applications and network backup. We are confident that this solution is an ideal match for Cumberland Farms and will help them meet their network requirements and customer service objectives.”

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