Key Challenges and Issues facing the UK Refrigerated Road Transport Market announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue.

The Freight industry has become a major part of the UK economy, due to a continuous increase in domestic consumption of food products, pharma and healthcare products. Refrigeration Road Transport includes transportation of food products (fresh, frozen or chilled), pharmaceutical products, and plants/flowers. The type of vehicles used for such refrigerated transportations are refrigerated trailers, refrigerated trucks that include heavy & small trucks and refrigerated vans. In the last five years, there has been an increase in the usage of semi-trailers, compared to the usage of normal trailers. The main characteristics of a Refrigeration Road Transport are its ability to deliver products in best quality. There has been a lot of change in the equipment used and technology adopted in the vehicles. The main aim of the advancements is to reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution etc., and to create an environmental-friendly transport, with low fuel consumption, thus helping in environmental management and environmental protection.

This report provides an insight into the global industry and a detailed analysis of the UK Refrigerated Road Transport industry. It provides forecasts for the UK Refrigerated Road Transport industry from 2008-2012. The segmentation of the Refrigerated Road Transport market on the basis of Rental/Hired and Owned vehicles and capacities of the vehicles can be conferred from the report. It analyses the trends in the pricing of rental/hired, contracted, or purchased Refrigerated Road Transport vehicles. In addition, the percentage of rental/hired and owned vehicles as well as the growth drivers and inhibitors of the industry are discussed. This report also profiles the major players in the UK Refrigerated Road Transport industry.

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1. Refrigerated Road Transport Vehicles

Scope of the report

2. Market Overview

2.1 Global Scenario – Refrigerated Road Transport

3. UK Present Scenario – Refrigerated Road Transport

3.1 Forecasts

4. Segmentation

4.1 Segmentation: Rental/Hired vs. Owned

4.2 Segmentation: Capacities of the vehicles

5. Trends

6. Growth Drivers & Inhibitors

6.1 Growth Drivers

6.2 Inhibitors

7. Price Points and Trends

7.1 Hiring

7.2 Purchase

8. Major Players

8.1 Petit Forestier

8.2 Northgate plc

8.3 Fraikin

8.4 Other players

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 3.1: UK Refrigerated Transport Market Overview – Number of Vehicles

Exhibit 3.2: UK Refrigerated Transport- Forecasts of number of vehicles till 2010

Exhibit 4.1: UK Refrigerated Transport- Percentage of rental/hired vehicles vs. owned vehicles

Exhibit 4.2: UK Refrigerated Transport- Segmentation based on capacities of the vehicles

Exhibit 7.1: Capacities of the vehicle vs. Rental charges per day

Exhibit 7.2: Capacities of the vehicles vs. purchasing price

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