Key Challenges and Issues facing the Global Alzheimer Drugs Market announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue.

The Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnosis and therapy market is expanding with increasing number of cases worldwide. The current scenario shows bright outlook for diagnosis market. As early diagnosis of AD is not possible, there is a strong need of an early detection technique. United States, Europe and Japan are the three major markets for the treatment of AD. In China, the diagnosis and drug treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is extremely low, which represents a potential opportunity for market players.

The worldwide Alzheimer disease market is led by sales of Eisai/Pfizer and Aricept. Eisai/Pfizer’s Aricept (donepezil) and Forest pharmaceutical’s Namenda (memantine) are the market leaders in the United States. After cardiovascular diseases and cancer, AD is the third largest market in the world in terms of cost of treatment of the disease.

Aging population is a major cause of increasing number of Alzheimer patients and driving AD diagnosis and treatment market. Urbanization also contributes to the growing AD market. The unmet clinical needs are driving competitors to focus on R&D which ultimately leads to new product introduction and helps in market growth.

The present report analyzes Alzheimer’s disease treatment and diagnosis market and discusses major drugs being used for the treatment of AD in United States, Japan and China. It analyses major growth drivers and opportunities present in the market. The report also discusses competition prevailing in the industry and an overview of the leading companies and their business strategies. The section on market forecast helps market players to develop business strategies accordingly.

1. Introduction

Types of Prescription Medications

1.1 Industry Facts

2. Alzheimer Drugs Market

2.1 Worldwide Alzheimer Drug Market

Global Market Value

Growth Rate

Market Value by Drugs

Market Share

2.2 Alzheimer’s Market: United States

Market Value

Market Share

2.3 China Alzheimer Market

3. Market Features

3.1 Key Trends

3.1.1 Dementia Prevailing in Aging People

3.1.2 Urbanization and Gender Differences

3.1.3 East-West differences

3.2 Market Opportunities

Unmet Clinical Needs

Opportunity in Diagnosis Market

Increasing Cases in Europe

3.3 Significant Developments

RFID Chip Implants

Herbal supplement improves memory

Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer’s disease

4. Competitive Landscape

4.1 Drug Competition

4.2 Leading Players

5. Company Profiles

5.1 Forest Laboratories


Business Strategies

Comprehensive Set of Products

Limited Geographical Presence/Narrow Customer Base

5.2 Neuro-Hitech


Business Strategies

Commercialization of Primary Product

Licensing Agreements

Product Line Extensions

5.3 Elan Corporation


Business Strategies

Focus on Developing Innovative Products

Distribution Pattern

6. Market Outlook

US Market

European Market

List of Tables

Global Alzheimer Market Value by Drugs (2007)

US Alzheimer Market by Drug Sales (2001-06)

US Alzheimer Market – Total Dispensed Scripts (2001-06)

Clinical Trials Phases of Alzheimer Drugs

US Alzheimer Treatment Market Forecast (2010-15E)

European Alzheimer Market Forecast (2011-15E)

Forest Laboratories- Sales by Business Segments (2006-08)

Forest Laboratories- Drug Sales (2006-08)

Elan Corp. – Revenue by Business Segments (2005-07)

List of Charts

Types of Prescription Medications

Global Alzheimer Market Value (2006-07)

Global Drugs Market Share (2007)

Drugs Market Value & Growth Rate (2006)

Global Alzheimer Drugs Market (2005)

Alzheimer’s Top Brands – Market Share (2001-06)

Medicine Market Share in China (2007)

Rate of Occurrence of Alzheimer in Western Countries (2007)

Alzheimer Drugs – Competitive Landscape

Alzheimer RX Trends

Neuro-Hitech – Revenue & Net Income (2005-07)

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