Green Globe International, Inc. Announces Agreement With Sustainability Intelligence for Green Globe Index Measurement Tool

Sustainability Intelligence is a joint venture partnership that deliverspractical support, data solutions and research on emerging sustainabilitychallenges. Its partner organizations include The Carbon Consultancy, aleading independent carbon management specialty organization.

The agreement articulates the cooperation between Green Globe Internationaland Sustainability Intelligence in sustainability certification and theranking of sustainability achievements for travel and tourism enterprisesAdditionally, the agreement licenses and authorizes Green GlobeInternational to market the Index Tool for use in delivery of Green GlobeCertification and Benchmarking programs, and at the same time, authorizesSustainability Intelligence to utilize the Green Globe brand for thepurposes of labeling and marketing the Index Tool.

Bradley Cox, chief operating officer of Green Globe International,commented, “In the past, it has been difficult to rank the ‘greenness’ of ahotel, although Green Globe Benchmarking has been part of certification andalways allowed hotel properties to simply measure and manage their use ofenergy and water and reduce waste to landfill. With the release of theGreen Globe Index tool, we can now provide a guide to consumers as to ahotel’s achievements in reducing carbon, saving water and lowering theoutput of non-recycled waste. The Green Globe Index is suitable from thesmallest to the largest tourism business, can be applied across all sectorsand remains a cost-efficient solution for a business to start its journeytoward sustainability.”

“The agreement with Sustainability Intelligence provides an extremelyvaluable tool for the Green Globe program, including for use as part of ourGreen Globe Certifications program, and we are pleased to have entered intothis licensing agreement,” stated Green Globe International CEO andManaging Director Steven R. Peacock. “From an earnings perspective, thisagreement also provides an additional revenue source for the company, whichis a major focus of as we seek to build shareholder value and grow the useof the brand worldwide.”

The Green Globe brand and program, which traces its roots back to theUnited Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, where 182 Heads ofState endorsed the Agenda 21 principles of sustainable development, hasprimarily been used in the travel and tourism industry but is now beingexpanded to include a growing number of environmentally responsiblebusinesses in a variety of market sectors. The Green Globe brand is anideal symbol for the world’s increasing awareness of environmentalresponsibility and response to global climate change.

Green Globe International, an affiliate member of the United Nations WorldTourism Organization (UNWTO), has endorsed the efforts of the UnitedNations Foundation, Rainforest Alliance, the United Nations EnvironmentProgramme (UNEP) and the UNWTO in launching the Global Sustainable TourismCriteria (GSTC).

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