Discover The World Behind the Modern Surface — New Book Offers a Broad, World-View of Realities Behind the Anciently Permanent Traits of Human Behavior and Thinking

FT. WALTON BEACH, Fla., March 3, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The development of societies around the world has a lot do with human behavior and thinking. This is the theme that drives an engaging talk about human civilization as Xlibris releases Human Creatures: A

Human Creatures offers readers a broad, but easy reading, world-view of realities behind the anciently permanent traits of human behavior which cause simple societies to grow, to flourish in great civilizations throughout the world, and to collapse repeatedly, usually with much loss of the expanded populations. It explains that both democracies and tyrannies follow that universal pattern into autocratic decay of civilized empires. This view leads to a search for critical factors that determine the beginning and course of the typical decays (which have already begun in modern democracies.) Invariably, all those great nations had strong religious and moral practices during their early growth to large numbers of vigorous people, up to the points of beginning the slide into collapse. All had strong leaders who escaped reasonable limits beyond their necessary uses. By the end of this book, your perception about human civilization will change.

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About the Author

Forty years ago, author Fred Howard began looking behind the surface of a changeable modern world for permanent realities. This persisted through a career ranging from youthful farm work, commercial fishing, reporting, technical teaching, Navy, defense research & engineering, to meeting Rietta in UNC graduate school, marrying, & together raising five children.

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