Launches America”s Online Farmers Market

Two generations ago, milk and eggs were delivered to the home. Our grandparents either grew their own produce, or knew the farmer who did. is bringing home delivery back, full circle. Family farms on which the very foundation of this country was built are now delivering freshly harvested produce directly to homes and businesses across America!

Each and every commodity at has a family story behind it, stories that our generation has either forgotten, or never known. It is time to rekindle that personal relationship with the families who are feeding our world. It is time, once again, to do business together.

America’s Online Farmers Market allows you to purchase a Bosc pear, ripened to perfection, from the Brandt family in Yakima, Washington. You can purchase a crisp McIntosh apple from the Pagel family in Berrien Springs, Michigan; or an Organic Navel orange grown and picked just for you by the Babcock family of Terra Bella California. Your order goes direct to our growers and now for the first time they can harvest their crop after it’s purchased and then ship it straight to Americans homes and businesses! America’s Online Farmers Market gives Americans “Back Yard Flavor”!

“We are offering Americans that Back Yard flavor and quality,” says Dean Davis, a fourth generation farmer and’s director of grower procurement and General Manager. “Our goal with is to offer the finest produce available and rekindle the relationship between farmers and a consumer,” says Davis.

Every week more and more farmers are joining America’s Online Farmers market. A market that is offering 100-plus food products, dwarf citrus varieties that go well in your home, fruit trees for your garden and fresh flowers for a loved one. You can find organic and traditionally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as hard-to-find food items like fresh green garbanzo beans grown by the Douglas Moser Family (a fourth generation farmer) in the Palouse Valley of Idaho.

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